The name originated as an anagram of the word Freudenthal, once used by the German name of Bruntál in which we produce. Old German name translates Valley of Joy or even Happy Valley, which should have reflected the expectations of the citizens of the then newly founded city of Czech King Premysl Otakar I. It happened in 1213, which means that Bruntál is historically the oldest and the first seat of the legal city status in the country.

The idea of the beautiful Valley of Joy permeates our work and it is our driving force. Our actions always seek to enrich your senses through beautiful objects and uplifting fragrances that can create an environment full of sensual perceptions and experiences. The essence of the Freud & Thal Deign products is based on the belief that each element has to have a purpose and together form a perfect whole. Thus, color, ornament, fragrances and packaging, all have their reason, idea and place.

Life attitude of members Freud & Thal is through hard work to create and offer the world of beauty accessible to everyone. The world of art of living, the world of natural forces reincarnated into its work.

VALLEY OF JOY is our goal, the beginning and the end of our actions.