Candle_Havaj_medium_silverA 1371×1921
Candle_Havaj_medium_goldA1371x1921(Čeština) Havaj_logo (1371×1920)(Čeština) Havaj_logo (1371×1920)arabeska s pytlikemINC_9018DSCF0674scented candles maxi size “wise elephant” , medium size “Love bars”Luxury scented candles Freud &Thal Designgolden scented candle MAXI Wise ElephantFreud&Thal Design luxuyr scented candlesLuxury scented candles Freud&ThalFreud&Thal Design masterpiecesgolden scented candle “Love bars”Godlen candle by Freud and Thal Design”Arabesque”Životní postoj týmu Freud & ThalFreud & Thal, Vaše krajina vůníFair Design and Art(Čeština) strana_001 (1920×1357)

Vintage (medium)


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Lie down in the blooming summer gardens with gorgeous¨gaardenia trees. Let zourself be carried away by sweet aroma of these beautiful flowers.