arabeska s pytlikemŽivotní postoj týmu Freud & Thal(Čeština) strana_001 (1920×1357)(Čeština) strana_010 (1920×1357)Golden candle “Galery” Freud&ThalFreud&Thal Design masterpiecesgolden scented candle MAXI Wise ElephantLuxury scented candles Freud &Thal Designscented candles maxi size “wise elephant” , medium size “Love bars”DSCF0686INC_9018Golden scented candle “Gallery”Godlen candle by Freud and Thal Design”Arabesque”candle_moudry-slon_medium_gold-1371×1921

Wise Elephant (medium)


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Product Description

Beautiful, clean fresh scents of home, full of floral scents of geranium, which cleans the air of negative emotions, with a drop of cedar, which harmonizes and calms in stressful situation, behind fresh scent of camphor, eucalyptus leaves are hiddden, which will improve tou breathing, and harmonizing levander closes the full enjoyment.

Feng-Shui is a very old doctrine about human life harmony, about creating a happy home and work space. Doctrine which can significantly enrich the western culture and help us understand many of the life’s difficulties.

Elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, protection and good luck.

Gold – the rich, lustrous color of money, of sunshine and of heaven. Together with silver color symbolize Entrepreneurship and Versatility.

Feng Shui advisor Olga Bušková recommends:

Suitable for entrance areas, apartment core or living room where it strengthens family happiness and well-being. You can also place the vase in the western part of the room.

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Weight 400g
Burn time 90 hours