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Peacocks of Prosperity (medium size candle)


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Product Description

Mind refreshing scent of pine trees and lilz of the vallez in the heart notes of jasmine, roses and lilacs at the base of thyme, stimulates the intellect.

Feng-Shui is a very old doctrine about human life harmony, about creating a happy home and work space. Doctrine which can significantly enrich the western culture and help us understand many of the life’s difficulties.

Peacocks are considered powerful symbols of new opportunities that are there for you even in times of adversity. Birds can also symbolize love and commitment , or abundance and good luck as in the case of the peacock.

Gold – the rich, lustrous color of money, of sunshine and of heaven. Together with silver color symbolize Entrepreneurship and Versatility.

Feng Shui advisor Olga Bušková recommends:

Recommendations for the candles placement: Place the candle east, SE or in the back left corner of the room.

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Weight 400g
Burn time 90 hodin