Paeony of Wealth (small vase)


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Height 145 mm
Diameter 96 mm

Feng-Shui is a very old doctrine about human life harmony, about creating a happy home and work space. Doctrine which can significantly enrich the western culture and help us understand many of the life’s difficulties.

Peony is a flower that is considered to be the king of the flowers. It is a Yang flower, and it represents optimism, wealth and honor. The peony is delicate, rich and beautiful, which means it also represents the feminine end of the spectrum.

Gold – the rich, lustrous color of money, of sunshine and of heaven. Together with silver color symbolize Entrepreneurship and Versatility.

Feng-Shui advisor Olga Bušková recommends:

Place the vase in the back left corner of your desk or office room.

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silver, gold